The Lifeblood of Your Vehicle

What Fluids Run Your Toyota?

Service Fluids Fan

Taking care of your vehicle can be a lot of work. From knowing when to get your tires rotated to knowing what type of service fluid to use, it can be stressful. Because all of us at Sand Mountain Toyota understand just how frustrating this can be, we have supplied the vital information that you may need to know when it comes to service fluids. With the information provided below, you have everything that you need to keep you moving.

Toyota Vehicle with Icons over parts of the engine

Where Do Your Fluids Go?

Coolant Icon
This is an extremely durable formula that provides maximum protection without the use of harmful silicates. It is compatible with non-metallic materials to help extend the life of water pump seals. Additionally, it won't corrode aluminum surfaces like coolants that contain borate and it is also compatible with Toyota red Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant.
Oil Icon
Genuine Toyota Motor Oil
Available in 5W-30, 10W-30, and 10W-40 grades, this motor oil helps protect metal and gasket surfaces from corrosion, prevents foaming and maintains the proper application of oil on cylinder walls.
Synthetic Oil Icon
Synthetic Motor Oil
This motor oil improves fuel economy, improves thermal stability as well as longer oil change intervals. Because many new Toyota models are certified for a new, zero weight synthetic lubrication standard, this viscosity oil pumps better when cold, yet provides uniform lubrication and overall efficiency than conventional engine oil.
Brake Cleaner Icon
Brake Cleaner
When your brakes start to squeal and chatter, brake cleaner is an effective, non-chlorinated formula that removes brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants without leaving residue.
Battery Cleaner Icon
Battery Cleaner
Great to use on batteries, terminals, cables and brackets, this is a unique formula that contains a cleaner, acid detector, neutralizer and protector all in one spray can. It penetrates and emulsifies dirt, grease and deposits as well as turns from a light red color to blue in the presence of acid.
Automatic Transmission Fluid
When you need quiet operation and smooth shifting in non-sealed Toyota automatic transmissions, automatic transmission fluid offers excellent lubrication characteristics, extends the transmission life and provides excellent drivability.
Brake Fluid Icon
Brake Fluid
Used to help provide superior performance in all Toyota brake systems where DOT 3 brake fluid is recommended, this is a super heavy-duty, high-temperature brake fluid designed by Toyota engineers.

Should you ever need one of these service fluids or have any questions, make sure to stop by Sand Mountain Toyota, where we offer great prices and specials on all service fluids. Our highly-trained staff are more than happy to help and we look forward to serving customers from Albertville, Scotsboro and Birmingham.